Day/Mid Shift Customer Service Representative

You Don’t Have Call Center Experience

And that’s perfect.

We can work with that.

If you have call center experience, that’s ok too, but this isn’t a normal call center. Forget everything you think you know about call centers—it won’t help you here.

You just need to know Customer Service Representative (CSR) is the right path for you.

What You’re Looking For

You’re great at talking to people, and even better at listening to them. People feel comfortable around you, and you’re confident in your ability to offer solutions when they have a problem.

You want a career that lets you make a difference.

You wanna belong. Here, it feels like family because it isfamily. That’s why our employees voted Morris-Jenkins as the Charlotte Observer’s “Top Workplace” in 2016, 2018, and 2019.

You’ll get plenty of paid time off, and 7 paid holidays. Not only that, but we offer Medical, Dental, Vision, Long & Short-Term Disability, Accident AND Life Insurance, a Flexible Spending Account, and a 401(k) Retirement Plan. Remind me… why haven’t you applied yet?

Your Day-to-Day

Like we said, this isn’t a normal call center.

No cold calls, no scripts. You’ll be answering calls from our customers who need your help. If something is wrong with their heating, air, or plumbing, they’ll reach out to you to schedule a technician or plumber to come to their home.

You’re a special person. We mean that! And because you’re so unique and amazing, we want that to shine through on your calls. That’s why you won’t get a script. We’ll train you on our service system so you understand how to best help customers, but the words you use to go about it will be uniquely yours.

As a CSR, you’ll not only respond to customer calls, but you’ll also help answer emails and chats.

We wanna support you! Our contact center has the best people around! Whenever you need help, you can have the peace of mind to know you’ll always have the support and encouragement of your team and of the leaders within the company.

We Wanna Celebrate You

Throughout the year, we recognize people for their great work. I have no doubt we’ll be celebrating you soon!

When you go above and beyond, we bring attention to your good deeds during the weekly meetings. We even have an annual banquet with awards and bonuses for top performers!

Every year, we also have a fiesta to celebrate Mr. Jenkins’s birthday! Trust us, you’ve never seen so much guacamole in your life.

Throughout the year, you’ll enjoy company breakfasts that are gigantorious (we’re making that word up. “Giant” doesn’t do them justice). You can smell the bacon from the parking lot.

Wait… You Still Haven’t Applied Yet?

You’ve maybe never thought about a customer service job, but now that you know it’s perfect for you, will you ever stop thinking about it?

This job was made for you.

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