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Air Conditioner Maintenance done RIGHT!

Your system will cool quicker and use a LOT less energy after we clean all the baked-on plaque from your coils with a special, environmentally-friendly cleaning solvent.

(That plaque is formed from dust and moisture as they pass through your oven-hot A/C coils. This baked-on plaque acts like insulation, trapping the heat in your coils and making your air conditioner have to run longer to cool your home.)

We also....

  • check and adjust the airflow across the evaporator core to make sure your compressor isn't operating under extra stress.
  • test the 240-volt contactor to make sure your compressor's gettin’ the right juice!
  • test your capacitor to make sure it's delivering the full "kick" to your motor.
  • check your thermostat to make sure it's sending all the correct signals to your unit. (Thermostats can cause a LOT of problems.)
  • calibrate the whole system back to proper specifications.

This isn't a tune-up, it's a complete A/C System Renovation. We have confidence in our ability to renovate your system.

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Troubleshoot your problem with Bobby

Troubleshoot your AC problem with Bobby

Don’t spend money on a service call for a simple problem. Bobby will walk you through some easy troubleshooting steps.

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