Air Conditioner Lifespan

How Do I Know My Air Conditioner Has Seen Its Final Days?

The average lifespan of new air conditioning units is between 10 and 12 years. The older it is, the more likely it is to start acting up.

What to watch for

  • Is your home taking longer to cool?
  • Is your power bill significantly higher?
  • Do you have water stains on your ceiling?

My Air Conditioner is not working...

Don't worry! First check the circuit breaker to make sure there is power to the unit & thermostat. 

If you suspect this is not the problem, or see ice on the lines connected to your unit, our certified technicians will be able to help you today.

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If your unit is more than 12 years old, we highly recommend you consider replacement. Schedule a free estimate to learn how our units can help you save money.

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