The "Real" Barber Shop Experience

Charlotte NC, better known as the Queen City, is home to many hidden treasures. One of its finest gems in particular is the Carmel Span Barbershop. The moment you walk through the doors you are instantly transported back in time. 

The shop is in its original state with pictures and items throughout various times since it opened. Naturally vintage and unlike a chain barbershop this is a friendly atmosphere where your barber actually knows your name and family. Owner Don Brock, has successfully preserved the experience of the Classic American Barber shop.

Opened in 1997, Carmel Span has seen its fair share of celebrities such as Professional Golfer Arnold Palmer and former NASCAR driver Richard Petty. They have also cut the hair of our favorite local celebrities Dewey Jenkins and Bobby.

Mr. Jenkins and his family have been getting their hair cut at Carmel Span by employees like David Barton for over half a decade.  Braxton, a professional barber has been cutting hair over ten years, is attentive to details and his clients’ needs. Mr. Jenkin introduced Bobby to “the real” barber shop experience after he received his horrible five-dollar hair-cut, that was featured in one of Morris Jenkin’s commercials. The five dollar hair cut illustrated that if you let someone cut your hair for five dollars you might not be satisfied with the results. They don’t suggest you let someone check your furnace for cheap because they might not do a great job. Essentially you get what you pay for.

When it comes to getting a good haircut, Mr. Jenkins said, “The experience is not with getting the haircut, but in socializing and finding out what’s going on in the community”, all qualities that can be found at Carmel Span.

Located at 6401 Carmel Rd Charlotte, NC 28226, Carmel Span is open six days a week Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday.  They accept walk-ins but appointments are preferred.