That’s right: You PAY $89, we GIVE $89

Here's how YOU can help Local First Responders AND get Your Furnace professionally inspected at the same time...

Pay 89 dollars for a comprehensive safety-check of your heating system. and we'll Donate the whole 89 dollars to put life-saving equipment into the hands of first responders.

Jeffrey Lee Williams and his mom were in a hotel not far from Charlotte, unaware that in their room there was an invisible cobra: carbon monoxide.

You can't see it OR smell it.

Jeffrey didn't survive. He was 11 years old.

Although a married couple had already died in that hotel room, no one realized it was carbon monoxide because those First Responders didn't have a detector.

Budgets are tight. First Responders don't always have the life-saving equipment they need. With your help, Morris-Jenkins is going to change that.

There are 5 ways carbon monoxide can escape into your home.

  1. Blocked flue
  2. Backdrafting
  3. Poor combustion
  4. Leaking vent
  5. Cracked heat exchanger

We'll test all 5 AND check your smoke detector's expiration date while we're replacing the batteries. And 100% of the money you pay will be donated to the Jeffrey Lee Williams Foundation so that Carolina's First Responders can have the life-saving equipment they need.

Let Morris-Jenkins make your home safe.

With your help, everybody gets to live.