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Avoid the #1 Cause of A/C Failures

Oil lubricates your car's engine and Freon lubricates your air conditioner's compressor!

Without lubrication, the metal-on-metal friction creates a lot of heat.

When you car is low on oil, your engine gets hot, starts running less efficiently, causes engine components to warp, and eventually, it will overheat and fail completely.

The same thing happens with your air conditioner!

Incorrect refrigerant charge (having either too much or too little Freon) causes more breakdowns than any other issue... and they're expensive ones.

But there is no "Low Oil" indicator light for your air conditioner and it is not as simple as checking a fuel gauge on a car.

A certified technician must take multiple temperature readings, pressures and measurements in and outside your home and use calculations to determine if your Freon is at a proper, functioning level.

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