Frozen Furnace Drain Lines

How to Protect Your Home - and Furnace! - from Freezing Temperatures

Grab your coat and bundle up...

Then go outside, walk around your house, and if you see a white PVC pipe that’s dripping water, you need to take action to prevent freezing!
Frozen Drain Lines in Charlotte, NC

Real pictures from our technicians at homes of customers who called saying their heat was broken, and when we got there, the problem was a frozen drain line!

If you have a 90% Efficient Furnace, it’s creating water right now (about a pint per hour)! When it freezes, water backs up to your furnace and will shut your furnace off.

Prevent this from happening using Ice Melt/Rock Salt (found at local hardware stores).
Put a handful of Ice Melt in a mound underneath the drain line that’s dripping.
This prevents the water from freezing back up to the water line. Follow the instructions and photos below!


Here are some plumbing tips to safeguard your home from freezing temps too: Cold Weather Plumbing Tips