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Your furnace is a controlled fire that heats your home. After a long summer of not being used, a lot can happen. It’s best to have a professional check it out to make sure everything is running well. 

When it comes to your heating system, months of dormancy during the spring and summer months can lead to dangerous conditions. 

Carbon Monoxide: the Silent Killer

A heating unit not performing at its peak performance can be deadly...

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2015, a total of 393 deaths resulting from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning occurred, with 36% of the deaths occurring in December, January, or February. 

Our technicians check CO levels on EVERY call, no matter what. Learn more about these dangers here.

4 dangers you can avoid with a furnace safety inspection

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning. Cracks in your furnace’s heat exchanger can allow deadly carbon monoxide into your home.
  • Fire danger. Several common furnace problems can make your furnace a fire danger, including a temperature control failure, a flame roll-out disaster and a delayed ignition.
  • Toxic gas leaks. If your safety pressure control fails, toxic gas can leak into your home.
  • Other toxic fumes. A clogged exhaust system (or one improperly installed) allows toxic fumes into your home that can cause headaches, nausea and other serious injuries.
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Read on to learn a few ways we’ll help keep you and your home safe this winter season:

  • Check all high voltage wires to ensure loose wires don’t cause fires
  • Check the integrity of the heating system to ensure there aren’t any gas leaks
  • Check all safety switches to ensure they are properly functioning to prevent Carbon Monoxide leaks that can be harmful or even deadly
  • Clean the unit to make sure there isn’t a build-up of debris or dust that could cause a fire
  • Check for any new residents (squirrels, birds, etc.) in your equipment or duct work!

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