Dangers of Animals and your HVAC System

Blocked Flue

Animals such as squirrels and birds build nests in the flue pipe on your heating system. The flue pipe is there to direct dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide, into the outside atmosphere and out of your home. If the flue is blocked, the gases may not be able to vent out of your home properly.

Chewed Wires & Damaged Electrical Components

Internal parts such as wires, safeties, flame sensors, and other gas components can get damaged from animals like rats and squirrels. These creatures will chew up the wires and cause electrical problems. Snakes will also try to slither their way in and around these electrical components and typically end up electrocuted.

Spider Webs Inside Furnace

Spiders also become a big issue when they build webs inside heating units. The sensors will sense these webs and know that something unusual is inside the unit. The unit will then try to start and eventually just shut down completely.

Holes in Ductwork

Ductwork is essential to deliver and remove air throughout your home. A lot of animals like rats and mice enjoy the insulation and chew holes through it. Stray cats and possums often find their way into the ductwork too and can destroy it.

With animals naturally being in the wild, you can’t always control what they do or where they go.

But if your systems are maintained and checked at least twice a year, you may catch these furry visitors before they cause a bigger issue!