How to Tell if You're AC System is Dying

Signs your air conditioner needs maintenance

Living in Charlotte, Mooresville, Huntersville, Matthews or Gastonia, NC... the average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is 10 to 12 years. As your AC system starts nearing this age, there are certain signs that may tell you that it's time to have your ac unit repaired...

  • It takes longer than usual for your air conditioner to cool down your home
  • You power bill seems to be getting higher
  • Water appears on your ceiling (if your unit is located in the attic)

What to do when your air conditioning stops working:

  • Check your circuit breaker — both at the outdoor unit and in your house at the panel box — to make sure it's in the ON position (reset breaker).
  • Check indoor coil to see if it's frozen (you will be able to see ice on it). The coil will be on your indoor air handler or at your furnace.
  • If the coil is frozen, the most likely causes are: 1) you are low on refrigerant, 2) the blower is not pushing at peak efficiency, or 3) your coil is dirty. Your unit will need servicing by a professional service repair technician.

If your unit is low on refrigerant and your unit is over 12 years old, we recommend you replace your system. In 2010, new refrigerant laws came into effect, and all air conditioning systems now run on a new EPA-approved refrigerant... your older system is not compatible with this new refrigerant.

Also with a new ac system, most air conditioners will come with a 10 year parts warranty and could save you up to 40% on your cost to run it. Contact us for an estimate on a new system and start saving today!

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