Government Changes to Water Heaters on April 15th, 2015

Under New DOE Regulations, Water Heaters Will Be Larger, Requiring More Space for Installation

Water heaters of concern.

You will need to pay particular attention to any installations in closets or attics, where space is limited. Also, installations where access is gained by using a narrow doorway may present a challenge.

However, if the water heater you’re replacing is located in a garage or full basement, the size changes may not be a problem at all.

Product substitutions.

In order to meet certain efficiency standards, some water heaters will no longer be manufactured. If space is a concern, you may have to install a water heater with a smaller storage capacity or a unit with a similar storage capacity that may be larger in physical size than the existing water heater.

How are you affected?

Water heaters in tight locations.

Customers should compare replacement expense vs. unit performance since certain replacement options weren’t ideal before the NAECA 2015 change may now be more attractive since doors, walls, or pull-down attic stairs may require alterations to install the new efficient water heaters.

Price Increases Across the Board

We have been informed by our vendors to expect a 30 to 35% price increase for new higher-efficiency water heaters.

What Should You Do?

Consider Immediate Replacement

If your water heater is over six years old and in a location that is unable to support the size increase (small closet or attic), you may want to replace it before the act goes into effect.

The supply of water heaters is dwindling as the demand to replace before April16th is high.

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