Phenomenal Aire

What It Is...

Phenomenal Aire is an ion generator, meaning it creates and introduces ions into your home's air. Unlike similar products in the past, NO detectable ozone is generated during the Phenomenal Aire process.

How It Works...

Phenomenal Aire Technology creates ions that attach to allergens, bacteria spores & virus cells and destroy them.

The ions also attach to odors and neutralize them.

Ions produced even attach small dust particles together, causing them to clump up large enough for your filter to catch them (when dust particles are too small, they are able to make it through your filter and into the air you breathe).

How It Helps...

Your Child's Health

Studies have shown that 7 million children under the age of 18 have asthma. Phenomenal Aire can help manage, minimize or even eliminate contributing factors that trigger asthma attacks.

Seasonal Allergies

35.9 Million Americans have seasonal allergies. Phenomenal Aire can reduce or eliminate allergy triggers.

Pet Ownership

An estimated 10% of the population may be allergic to animals. Phenomenal Aire can reduce or eliminate the triggers of pet allergies: pet dander and allergens that collect in a petís fur like pollen, mold, and dust.