Water Heater Tank Guard Booster

What is a Tank Booster?

During normal operation, your hot water heater is set at around 120°F.

Did you know that bacteria can grow in water below 140°F?

With a Tank Guard Booster added, your existing water heater will not only double its capacity of usable hot water, but it will also increase the heating temperature up to 160°F, which will eliminate bacteria growth.

So especially if your water heater is under 5 years old, but you're not satisfied with your water quality or how quickly hot water runs out, a Tank Guard Booster is a simple, cheaper option to solve those issues without replacing your existing water heater!

Likewise, if your water heater is nearing its expected useful age, a Tank Guard Booster can be installed with your new water heater WITHOUT having to increase the size. (Plus, its available at a discounted rate if you'd like to add it to a brand new Water Heater installed by Morris-Jenkins!)

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