Plumber sitting in truck

How to Prevent Plumbing Failure This Winter

With cold weather here, the Plumbing Department at Morris-Jenkins would like to offer these helpful tips. We can't avoid all possible malfunctions but these tips should help keep your hot water flowing this winter!


  • Disconnect all hoses from outdoor spigots
  • Completely turn off the spigot
  • Invest in a spigot cover for extra freeze protection (find these at your local hardware store)


  • A slight drip can dramatically help prevent freezing
  • Use lukewarm water (not too hot/cold)
  • Do this at night on extremely cold nights

Water Heaters

In water heater tanks around 10 years old, we tend to see an increase in ruptures when temperatures are low. This is due to system shock as cold water from outside enters the unit operating at a much warmer temperature (120 degrees usually!). You should check the water heater frequently when the weather is hovering around freezing. It's important to know where the emergency shutoff valve is in case of a rupture.

Water heater causing problems? Let us help!