New Member Portal for Priority Advantage Members

Take Control of Your Home Service

Being a Priority Advantage Member just got more awesome. With our Member Portal, you can…

Book a service with ease

Choose the service you need, pick an open time slot, and then book the service. It’s that easy!

Tell us what you need.

Then choose a time slot.

Dang, that was easy!

Add your preferred payment method and use it every time to pay for future services.

Update your payment information here.

Now there’s no need to whip out the credit card every time you call.

See service history

Do you know the last time your AC or furnace had maintenance? Or do you know how much money you’ve invested in your HVAC system? Never guess again. Just look at your service history.

We log it all automatically.

Update contact info

Lost your mobile phone and got a new number? No worries! Just update your contact info in the account settings.

You never have to call in again! But you still can, we don’t mind!

Keep us up to date without needing to call anyone.

How to log in to the portal

  1. Contact us for your Priority Advantage number.
  2. Use that number to register here.

Already have your Priority Advantage number?

Then you’re ready to rock and roll!

Register Now!