Garbage Disposal Installation

You never pay much attention to your garbage disposal until it stops working. It’s easy to take it for granted when you’re trying to clean up the kitchen as fast as you can. When suddenly it starts making weird noises or getting clogged up, it can throw you into a panic pretty fast! When the time comes to replace your old garbage disposal (or install one for the first time), Morris-Jenkins is just a call (or text!) away. 

How to Tell You Need a New Garbage Disposal

If you found your way onto this page, you already know something is wrong with your garbage disposal, but is it something that can be repaired? Or is it time to install a new one?

Our plumbers say these are some of the biggest signs it might be time for a new disposal:

  • Your garbage disposal is leaking. Some causes of leaks can be repaired (like if the connection between the disposal and your dishwasher is loose), but if the garbage disposal itself is leaking, it might be time for a new one.
  • Your disposal keeps clogging and/or smells bad. If your garbage disposal keeps clogging, it isn’t doing its job! When it gets clogged, pieces of food can get stuck and start to rot and stink. This also can make the clog even worse!
  • You often have to press the reset button. A lot of people don’t know their garbage disposal has a reset button on the bottom. If you already knew that and you often have to press it, your garbage disposal might be getting old and weak. Either that, or the electrical connections may need repair.
  • Your garbage disposal won’t turn on. Is it plugged in? Have you tried the reset button? Your garbage disposal might be dead.

Whether it can be repaired or if it’s time for a replacement garbage disposal, we’re here to help! We can get your family taken care of faster than anyone, so you don’t have to wonder how you’re gonna clean up after dinner tonight.

Looking for garbage disposal repair services? We do those too!

First Time Garbage Disposal Installation

If you don’t already have a garbage disposal, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! They’re an amazing way to speed up dish duty and keep smelly foods out of your trash can. We have options that work for any home and any family, so just give us a call (or text us)! One of our plumbers can help you pick the perfect garbage disposal and get it installed easily.

Already Bought a Garbage Disposal & Need It Installed?

You like doing your own research and shopping, and that’s alright with us! Finding a nice garbage disposal is the easy part. Installing it is a lot trickier than it looks, and if you don’t do it right, you can damage the disposal or your home’s plumbing. If you found the garbage disposal you want for your home, one of our expert plumbers can make sure it’s installed the right way without you having to get your hands dirty or risk damaging anything. It’s always better to find someone who does professional garbage disposal installations, so you know things are done perfect!

Just a note—we cannot offer warranties beyond the manufacturer warranty for customer-supplied garbage disposals.

The Easiest Garbage Disposal Installations Around!

Installing new appliances in your house can get stressful and messy. Let us take care of it! We offer same-day service, so as soon as your garbage disposal starts acting up, you can give us a call (or text us). One of our expert plumbers will get out to your home quick and help you pick the perfect new garbage disposal. Before you know it, we’ll have it installed and be out of your way in time for dinner.

Scheduling with Morris-Jenkins couldn’t be any easier! You can call us, text us, or chat with us on our website. And you’ll always talk to a REAL person (no robots here!).

Keep Your New Garbage Disposal Working Great

Garbage disposals can last for a long time, but there are a few things you can do to help it out. Don’t put stringy veggies, eggshells, coffee grounds, bones, or nuts down your drain—your disposal isn’t meant to handle those, and they can also cause clogs.

Take care of your garbage disposal and it’ll take care of your kitchen scraps for years to come! Call us today to get a brand-new garbage disposal. Not ready for a new one? We do garbage disposal repairs as well!

Call Morris-Jenkins for expert garbage disposal installation today!

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