A picture of a tooth and a picture of a skeleton.

10 of the Craziest Clogs Our Plumbers Have Ever Seen

It happens.

Your kids flush your keys or their favorite toy down the toilet. Your cat knocks your toothbrush in the toilet right as you flush. You put paper towel down the toilet, thinking it can’t be much different than toilet paper (it is). Before you know it, you’re dealing with a nasty clog. And some clogs can’t be fixed by a plunger alone. That’s where we come in! And any of our plumbers can tell you… we’ve sure seen some bizarre clogs.

#1 Dentures

This customer wasn’t smiling when they got their dentures back. Not because they weren’t relieved. Because they didn’t have any teeth, and they sure weren’t putting THESE dentures back in their mouth! They were chomping at the bit to have us clear their clog. Luckily, we do same-day drain cabling calls!

Drain Clogs | Morris-Jenkins

#2 A BUNCH of Paper Towels

Sometimes, toilet paper can be hard to find. Remember the shortage in 2020? Desperate times call for desperate measures. And while we can’t say for sure that’s why this customer had SO many paper towels in their pipes, one thing’s for sure: You should never flush paper towels. Toilet paper is meant to break down in water, but paper towel is meant to hold up in water (that’s how you’re able to wipe up big spills with it). That means it stays put in your drains and can cause major backups.

Clogged Drain Items | Morris-Jenkins

#3 Orbeez

Have you ever heard of Orbeez? They’re little polymer beads that are super absorbent. You’re supposed to put them in water, and they grow and turn squishy. Kids love them! Unfortunately, kids also like playing in toilets. And you know what toilets are full of? Water. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to picture what would happen if you flushed a bunch of Orbeez.

Drain Clog Inspection

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#4 Winnie the Pooh

The joke’s not lost on us here. When the customer told our plumber the toilet was clogged with Pooh, this wasn’t what they expected. Either way, our plumber was able to get the toilet flushing like normal again with a little bit of patience!

Toy Clogging the Toilet

#5 A Huge Mass of Hair and Gunk

When we first shared this picture on social media, people told us it was so horrifically gross that we needed a content warning over the image. We still aren’t totally sure what’s in this nasty blob of goo. There’s definitely some hair in there. Maybe some grease? Conditioner? Are those globs of dead skin or bits of oatmeal? We’ll probably never know for sure, but this clog made the list on sheer grossness alone.

Hair and Gunk Clogging the Drain

#6 A 9-Foot-Long Tree Root

When one of our plumbers called to tell us about a 9-foot root they pulled out of someone’s pipes, we thought he was exaggerating. Then he sent us this picture.

Plants love water, and pipes carry water. When you have even a small crack in your pipes, plant roots will find it and push their way into the pipe. Eventually, they take over and you can end up with clogs that won’t go away, no matter what DIY methods you try. Luckily, we’ve got special tools to help us get massive roots like this out of your drains!

9-Foot Long Tree Root

#7 A Curtain Rod

Before you ask—no, we have NO clue how the customer managed to get an entire curtain rod stuck down the drain. This is probably the most confusing clog we’ve ever dealt with. Thankfully, it wasn’t hard for our plumber to spot the exact source of the clog. We answered the question of what caused the clog, but we ended up leaving with more questions than we answered.

The Curtain Rod that Clogged a Drain

#8 A Pet Fish

We got a call from a customer after their son flushed the family pet fish down the toilet. While we’re sure the son meant well (after all, TV always shows people flushing their fish after it dies), the ole’ porcelain funeral is never a good idea. When your finned friend goes belly-up, it’s better to bury them or even put them in the trash can instead. Fish (especially large ones) can get stuck in your home’s sewer lines, just like it did for this person. Then, you’re stuck with a tricky clog and the smell of rotting toilet fish.

A Pet Fish Pulled out of the Drain

#9 Glasses

Believe it or not, this isn’t the weirdest things we’ve seen in a toilet. Fortunately, our plumber had his eye on the prize, eventually clearing this stubborn clog. This service call was quite the spectacle, and we heard the customer’s kid was framed for this!


#10 Multiple Toy Racecars

And you thought traffic jams were bad around here! Check out all these cars we pulled from this person’s toilet. This customer’s kid just wanted a unique racetrack (and they sure found one!). What we wanna know is… which car came in first place?

Toy Racecars Clogged the Toilet

Dealing with a stubborn clog? We’ve seen it all! Give us a call, text us, or message us online. We can get your water flowing the right way again.

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