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A Slow Drain Is a Clogged Drain!

Even if your drain isn’t totally stopped up, if it’s draining slowly, it’s because there’s something clogging up your pipes. And clogs don’t fix themselves—they only get worse over time! Eventually, they can even cause leaks. The sooner you get this fixed, the better!

A diagram showing how to unclog a drain.
We’ll unclog up to 75 feet! *With proper access **Does not include storm drains

Let us cable your drains for only $77*! We can get your water flowing the right direction again in no time.

DIY Drain Clearing

STOP! Don’t try to fix that clogged drain yourself! Many DIY methods of unclogging drains can actually make the damage worse.

The chemicals advertised on TV and sold in the stores can even cause severe corrosion issues. Don’t fall for their promises of fast, cheap DIY fixes! If a chemical is harsh enough to eat away at your clog, it’s harsh enough to eat away at your pipes.

It may seem easy, but unclogging an obstructed drain isn’t as simple as you may think. The only DIY method we recommend trying is a plunger. If the clog is too stubborn for a plunger, it’s time to call a professional who can clear the clog and protect your home’s pipes.

Morris-Jenkins plumbers have the tools and equipment to fix your problem the RIGHT way, without causing damage to other parts of your home’s plumbing.

Schedule now to take advantage of our $77 Drain Cabling Special! A Morris-Jenkins plumber will get your pipes unclogged and make sure your water’s flowing in the right direction. A slow drain can become a leaking pipe pretty quickly, so don’t wait until your problem gets even bigger. Schedule your appointment today!

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