Furnaces Require Professional Service EVERY Year.

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We get our oil changed every few thousand miles. We vacuum our carpets to keep them clean in our house. Manufacturers tell us we need to do the same for our HVAC equipment EVERY year.

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4 Dangers You'll Avoid with Your Inspection

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning. Cracks in your furnace’s heat exchanger can allow deadly carbon monoxide into your home.
  • Fire danger. Several common furnace problems can make your furnace a fire danger, including a temperature control failure, a flame roll-out disaster and a delayed ignition.
  • Toxic gas leaks. If your safety pressure control fails, toxic gas can leak into your home.
  • Other toxic fumes. A clogged exhaust system (or one improperly installed) allows toxic fumes into your home that can cause headaches, nausea and other serious injuries.

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