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Air Conditioning

Whether y'all need an air conditioner repaired or a new one installed, our Clover AC techs can handle all of your air conditioning needs 24/7.

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Think your furnace or heat pump needs a pro's touch? Or fed up with fixin' it and need a new one installed? Our Clover heating techs can do both—at any hour of the day.

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Whether you need a pipe leak fixed in the dead of night or a water heater installed on the weekend, we've got you covered with the friendliest plumbers in Clover.

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If I could give them more stars I would!

If I could give them more stars I would! Gabe K. And Javier A. & their crew came out to fix a yard leak that the water company said was on our property therefore, was our leak to fix. We scheduled a pipe replacement thinking it was our line. These two came out and discovered, as they dug deeper down, that there was another line below ours leaking - it was, in fact, the water co’s line. At this point, they really could have left but they stayed, even spoke to the water co. for me. Their supervisor then arrived to also assess the situation. He called the water co. as well. Long story short, ultimately these 3 stuck around with me waiting for the water co. to come back out to prove to them this was actually their line to fix (they didn’t believe us when we all called). They even went up & down the street looking for similar leaks in other yards (found one!), they just went above and beyond the expected services - which meant a lot to me bc that’s not what we expect to get from businesses nowadays. Was so very happy with this experience, highly recommend.
- Kristin S. from Clover, SC

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