A cat is sitting in a tent at night.

You Won’t Believe What This Tech Found in a Customer’s Crawlspace!

Most people aren’t cut out for the life of an HVAC technician. Nick Maiocco is one of the rare few. From camel crickets to wolf spiders, and from decaying squirrels to live snakes—he’s seen it all. In April 2019, an unusual maintenance call took him by surprise. If it weren’t for Nick’s video below, you wouldn’t believe us!

It started like any other Priority Advantage® maintenance call. Nick called the member, Burt, on his way to the job, and he sent the tracking information so Burt would know exactly when to expect Nick.

See for yourself what was living in Burt’s crawl space…

Every Job Comes with Surprises

Upon arrival, unsuspecting Nick approached the door, greeted Burt, and put on his shoe covers like he did with every maintenance visit before. This time, Burt seemed uneasy.

Have you ever heard clawing or crawling sounds in your attic or crawlspace before? It’s unsettling, but typically you can tell when it’s a small critter. The creature in the crawlspace, Burt said, was bigger. The more Burt talked about his suspicions, the more nervous Nick felt about the job. “I think it’s a raccoon,” Burt warned Nick. Raccoons may seem cute and cuddly, but they carry diseases like rabies. It’s dangerous for a technician to work in a crawlspace with a raccoon. Nick assured Burt that he’d finish the job carefully. At least Nick felt like he knew what to expect when he went into the crawlspace. However, instead of a raccoon, another surprise waited for Nick in the darkness.

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Nick saw glowing eyes watching him in the crawlspace.

Glowing Eyes

Nick began maintenance like usual. He kept a cautious watch of his surroundings for any movement. When he heard a scratch, hands shaking, he turned his flashlight to the source.

Several glowing eyes stared back at him in the beam of light.

Nick’s heart raced. Unable to see the creatures clearly, he reached delicately for his phone. Camera on, he pointed it at the eyes and zoomed in for a closer look.

Not What You Expected!

The eyes belonged to a litter of fuzzy little kittens!

In the corner of the crawlspace, Nick spotted a family of kittens.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video below!

Relief washed over him and he scooted closer to the family. The whole time he worked on maintenance in the crawlspace, furry kittens played all over him!

Nick returned to Burt, who was grateful for a raccoon-free home. Nick collected the furry babies and their tolerant mother from the crawlspace, and together with Burt, they found a new loving home for the little family.

Morris-Jenkins technicians face new surprises on the job every day. Some surprises, like kittens, help make the job so great!

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Watch the moment Nick realized he found adorable kittens!

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