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Vapor Barriers and Crawlspace Encapsulation by Morris-Jenkins

High humidity in your home can cause problems like musty smells, buckling hardwood floors, and just a generally muggy feeling in your home. It doesn’t have to be this way! At Morris-Jenkins, we’ve got some great solutions to stop excess humidity from sneaking into your home from your crawlspace.

What's a Vapor Barrier?

Most homes with crawlspaces have had a vapor barrier at one time or another. If you look in your crawlspace, do you see a plastic sheet across the ground? Over time, these can get tattered up due to age or foot traffic (if you’ve had workers or even animals moving around in your crawlspace, it can wear on the plastic).

This plastic sheet serves an important function! It keeps the moisture in the ground from rising in the air and increasing the humidity in your home. If you see exposed dirt in your crawlspace, that’s a good sign your home could benefit from a vapor barrier! If you decide a vapor barrier is the right move for your home, we’ll get your installation scheduled. Install should only take us about a day!

A basement with a white tarp covering the floor.

What's Crawlspace Encapsulation?

Sometimes, a vapor barrier isn’t enough. If your home has extreme humidity problems, it might be a good idea to have us do a crawlspace encapsulation. This is when our team glues foam insulation to the brick walls or we place insulation under the floor. Then, we install a thick white membrane across the walls and floor of your crawlspace. We’ll make sure your foundation vents are closed up to keep humidity out. Not only that, but we’ll put in a dehumidifier in your crawlspace and a controller inside your house (so you can adjust humidity levels without having to go in your crawlspace). Depending on your home, we may also install French drains or a sump pump to help keep excess water away.

Crawlspace encapsulation lasts even longer than a vapor barrier, and it’s a super effective way to get your home’s humidity under control!

Which Should You Get?

Both options are great for taking care of excess humidity in your home! In most cases, a vapor barrier is enough to help with your humidity problems, but sometimes your house needs a little extra help. That’s where crawlspace encapsulation comes in. To be sure which is the better match for your home, schedule a free consultation with us!