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Insulation Through Morris-Jenkins

When you’ve got an ice-cold drink, you wanna put it in a cup or tumbler that’ll keep it from getting warm too fast. The same goes for your home! Without proper insulation, all that cool air your AC is blowing into your home is just gonna escape. That’s a waste of your hard-earned money when time comes to pay your utility bills! Not to mention, it means your home isn’t as comfortable as it could be. That’s why we wanna help!

How Better Insulation Can Help Your Home

You’re not gonna find anyone who nerds out about heating and cooling like we do. This is our passion! And a great air conditioner is just one part of the equation. When your home has proper insulation, your heating and cooling system really gets a chance to shine! Your house could be cozy and warm in the winter and perfectly cool in the summer. When we’re done putting in new insulation, even your floors will be warmer! That means no more cold feet in the kitchen.

If you’ve been in the Carolinas for a while, you know how miserably hot our summers get. Even the best AC in the world won’t be able to keep your house super comfortable if your home doesn’t have good insulation. That cool air is gonna escape through your walls, ceiling, and floors. Most of the time, you’re losing heat or cool air from your attic and roof.

From the time you have us put in new insulation, you’re gonna start seeing the savings on your utility bills. It’ll take a lot less energy to keep your house cool! AND it’ll end up keeping things cooler than ever. The benefits just keep on coming! And this all works in the winter with your furnace or heat pump, too. You’ll save money on your utility bills when you heat your home, and it’ll actually stay the temperature you set your thermostat to.

Why Your Home Might Need More Insulation

A lot of homes use cellulose insulation. This stuff is made of recycled paper coated with a flame retardant. Over time, gravity pushes this insulation down and compacts it, leaving you with paper-thin insulation (literally). Your home might need more insulation if it never seems to reach a comfortable temperature in the summer and winter. If you feel drafts in your house or your heating and cooling system never seems to stop running, those might be some red flags as well. Still not sure? Give us a call! We can come take a look and see if your insulation is as thick as it should be or if there’s something else going on.

What to Expect When You Call Morris-Jenkins for New Insulation

When you call us out for blow-in insulation, we’ll use a machine to blow brand new insulation into your attic. We can also insulate your crawl space, which can keep your floors warmer and get rid of drafts. This new insulation is made of fiberglass (that cotton-candy looking stuff that makes you itchy if you touch it with bare hands). It works REALLY well, and it’ll stay fluffy and thick, unlike cellulose. That way, your family doesn’t have to worry about having insulation put in ever again.

It’s never a bad time to have more insulation put in! There are year-round benefits, and they start right away. Ready to save money and feel more comfortable in your home?