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Heat Pump Tune-Up & Maintenance in Concord, NC

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Heat Pump Tune-Ups in Concord

While a lot of HVAC companies offer heat pump tune-ups, we believe you deserve better than the average tune-up. That’s why we took the standard tune-up one step further. We call it a System Renovation, and it includes everything your heat pump needs to run like new this winter.

All of our heat pump maintenance services include:

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FREE smoke alarm battery change

FREE air filter change

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System Renovation


Priority Advantage© Membership



$19.99/mo (plus tax)

Basic System Check

Outdoor Unit Cleaning

Evaporator Coiled Airflow Adjustment

Contactor and capacitor test

Thermostat Check

System calibration

Bi-annual maintenance visits

Priority service

Diagnostic Charges




10% off all repairs

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