Toilet Repair Service in Concord, NC

Toilet Repair

Need a Toilet Repaired?

You probably try to think about your toilet as little as possible. After all, it’s not really something you can talk about at fancy dinner parties or bring up on a first date. It’s different at Morris-Jenkins. We love to talk about toilets because we know they can make a pretty big difference to your comfort at home. Broken toilets can be annoying. And if you only have one in your home, it can be a disaster! So don’t be shy, because we’re not! We’re excited to talk to you about your toilet. We’ve seen everything, so whether your toilet overflowed because your kid tried to flush their bath toys, or it just has a loose handle, we can fix it!

All of our toilet repair services include:

A man holding a box in a bathroom.

Same-day service.

We keep our trucks fully stocked, so we can repair your toilet then and there—no need to schedule another appointment.

Flat-rate, upfront pricing.

You’ll always know the price of your toilet repair before any work begins.

Late-night and weekend availability.

We’re here ’til midnight and available on weekends, too.

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