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Heat Pump Tune-Ups in Fort Mill

You rely on your heat pump for both cooling and heating. It runs all year long, so it’s one appliance that can’t go without regular maintenance. The experts at Morris-Jenkins can provide you with the heat pump tune-ups you need to make it through the winter or summer with a heat pump you can rely on.

All of our heat pump maintenance services include:

FREE smoke alarm battery change
FREE air filter change
100% money-back guarantee

Fort Mill Heat Pump Tune-Ups You Can Rely On

You likely get a lot of use out of your heat pump, with both heating and cooling providing year-round comfort. This constant use means that natural wear and tear happens quickly, and regular maintenance is essential to keep your device running right. 

Forget the “heat pump tune-up near me” Google search. Call Morris-Jenkins, and we can get (or keep) your heat pump in perfect condition! 

System Renovations for the Ultimate Maintenance

A system renovation includes a very thorough inspection and testing of the electrical, mechanical, and refrigerant systems. We’ll also clean and fine-tune your system. It’s that extra bit of TLC that helps it run like it’s in its prime! 

Heat Pump Tune-Ups When You Need Them

At Morris-Jenkins, we understand that you’re busy, and it can be difficult to keep up with important maintenance for your home when there’s so much else going on in life. That’s why we’re available evenings and weekends til midnight at no additional cost. Schedule your maintenance whenever you see fit!

Your Complete System Renovation

For the best possible heat pump tune-up, we thoroughly inspect the electrical, mechanical, and refrigerant systems that keep your heat pump running. We look for any parts that might need some extra love to prevent a breakdown later on. Our technicians also clean the condenser and evaporator coils so your unit can run its absolute best. While we’re there, we’ll even check your unit’s emergency backup heating coils.

Our Basic Heat Check

Our full tune-up package is best for getting ready for winter, but you might want a more basic option sometimes. A simple heat check ensures that your unit’s safety systems are ready for anything, and that there aren’t any fire hazards or pest damage.

When you get a complete system renovation, you get everything in the heat check, plus much more. With the basic package, you won’t be getting the drain line cleaning, coil cleaning, and electrical and refrigerant optimization that the complete package offers. Whether you’re looking for our basic heat check or complete system renovation, you can call Morris-Jenkins to schedule today!

Looking for Dependable Maintenance in Fort Mill?

For the most reliable maintenance, you’ll wanna become a Priority Advantage® Member! You’ll get your summer and winter tune-ups, along with a 10% discount on our repair services for both HVAC and plumbing. Members also enjoy priority service with our exclusive member hotline!

Reliable Heat Pump Maintenance in Fort Mill

Morris-Jenkins has been providing the people of Fort Mill with HVAC maintenance services for over 60 years now. In that time, we’ve developed the skills, knowledge, and experience to bring our friends and neighbors the best heat pump tune-ups in the Carolinas! 

Mr. Jenkins Told Me… It Takes Experience to Do Heat Pump Maintenances the Right Way

When you choose Morris-Jenkins, you’re choosing heat pump maintenance technicians who have the experience and background to get the job done right. Our techs are all fully trained and skilled in heat pump tune-ups, offering your unit specialized care. We can’t wait to meet you!

Straightforward Heat Pump Tune-Ups

With Morris-Jenkins, heat pump maintenance is as easy as can be. No matter what your schedule is like, we’ll work with you to set up an appointment time that works for you! That way, you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing your family can stay comfortable all year round. 

Heat pump tune-ups are available anytime, with both evening and weekend appointments at no extra charge. We keep things simple when it comes to heat pump maintenance. 

If you’re ready to set your appointment, you can reach out to us today by calling or texting at 704-357-0484, or book through our website.

Priority Advantage® Members have an even EASIER way to book their maintenance! As a member, you can book through our exclusive member portal. If you’re a member, you can see all the available appointment times right on your screen. Just pick the one that works for you and that’s it!

Your Maintenance Options

Safety Check
System Renovation
Priority Advantage© Membership
  $89 $129 $19.99/mo (plus tax)
Basic System Check
Outdoor Unit Cleaning
Evaporator Coiled Airflow Adjustment
Contactor and capacitor test
Thermostat Check
System calibration
Bi-annual maintenance visits
Priority service
Diagnostic Charges $89 $89 $49
10% off all repairs
Web portal access
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