Water Quality Testing Services in Harrisburg, NC

Water Quality Testing

Need your Water Quality tested?

To many people, good quality water is just water that isn’t coming out of the tap looking rust-colored or hiding dangerous bacteria. But the issue can be a little more complicated than that. Even if your water isn’t dangerous, you might still find yourself buying bottled water to drink because you don’t like the taste of your tap water. You might also be struggling with a few mild health problems like dry, itchy skin, or irritated lungs. 

At Morris-Jenkins, we want you to have water you enjoy drinking straight from the tap and that doesn’t give you any other issues. If you have any problems with your water you’d like to solve, we’d love to tell you about our water quality testing in Harrisburg.

All of our water quality testing services include:

A plumber working on a kitchen sink.

Same-day service.

We keep our trucks fully stocked, so we can test your water quality then and there—no need to schedule another appointment.

Flat-rate, upfront pricing.

You’ll always know the price of your water quality test before any work begins.

Late-night and weekend availability.

We’re here ’til midnight and available on weekends, too.

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