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Your pipes aren’t usually that creative when it comes to getting old and worn out. Usually, they either rust from being exposed to water for so many years, or they get corroded from the acidity of your water and any drain cleaning chemicals you may have used. Sometimes, pesky tree roots will creep into small cracks and cause big chaos. The results are always the same, too. Leaky pipes, high water bills, clogs, and a heap of trouble. At Morris-Jenkins, we specialize in making that trouble go away. Sometimes it takes a pipe repair to get you back to normal. But when rust has taken over and your pipes look like they belong in a museum, we’ll need to do something a little more involved. Our whole home repiping in Rock Hill might be the service you need to get your water line in good condition again.

All of our whole-home repipes include:

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Same-day service.

We keep our trucks fully stocked, so we repipe your home right then and there—no need to schedule another appointment.

Flat-rate, upfront pricing.

You’ll always know the price of your home repiping before any work begins.

Late-night and weekend availability.

We’re here ’til midnight and available on weekends, too.

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