Your Local Nest Pro

We can make your smart home a reality!

Morris-Jenkins is happy to be a trusted Nest Pro in Charlotte, NC. Whether you’re looking for a new Nest Thermostat or just purchased a new Nest Cam, our technicians will help you get the unit installed and set up on your phone and WiFi network – seamlessly.

Nest Cam IQ – The Clever Thing for Your Everything

All those wires and tools look daunting, don’t they? Let us come out and do all the heavy lifting. After all, we’ve been trained to install these products.

You can sit back, relax and in no time you’ll have full control of your new product through the free Nest app.

Extended Warranty

Our technicians are experts trained to install your Nest products the right way, the first time. Along with that, we also guarantee that installation with a 5 year extended warranty.


Nest Products We Offer:

Nest Learning Thermostat

The thermostat that has everyone talking thermostats.

The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself and automatically helps save energy when you’re away.

And you can control it using your phone, tablet or laptop.

Two nest thermostats next to each other.

Nest Cam Wi-Fi video camera

Security, rain or shine.

Weatherproof. 24/7 live streaming. No dead batteries. Nest Cam Outdoor helps you look after home 24/7, rain or shine. It can send an alert when there’s activity. And even knows a person from a thing with Nest Aware. Security has never looked so good.
Nest security camera vs nest cam.

Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm

Thinks, speaks, and alerts your phone.

The new Nest Protect looks for fast-burning fires, smoldering fires, and carbon monoxide. It tells you where the danger is and alerts your phone in case you’re not home.
Nest smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Know who’s knocking.

Nest Hello lets you know who’s there, so you never miss a visitor or a package. And with 24/7 streaming, you can check in anytime.
Nest video doorbell.

Have some questions? Chat with us or send us an email and our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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