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Help your tankless water heater live longer and run stronger

Unlike your AC, your tankless water heater works nonstop throughout the year—it doesn’t get a winter break. That’s why your water heater needs regular maintenance to stay in shape. In fact, annual tankless water heater maintenance will:

Help your tankless water heater live longer
Cut down on utility bills
Save your unit from expensive repairs

For Priority Advantage members: $301

For non-members: $334

Our tankless water heater maintenance service comes with a:

  • System sediment flush
  • Visual whole-home plumbing inspection
  • Water chlorine test

Signs your tankless water heater needs to be flushed

  • You notice low water pressure. As sediment builds up in your tankless water heater and the connecting pipes, it makes the passageways smaller—reducing your unit’s flow rate.
  • Cloudy hot water coming from your fixtures. Milky water could be a sign of sediment buildup. You can test this by filling a glass with hot water. If the the milkiness settled to the bottom, you know it’s sediment and that your tank needs to be flushed.
  • You notice steadily increasing utility bills. Roughly 15% of your electricity bill goes to heating your home’s water. As your tankless water heater loses efficiency from the increased sediment, that percentage will steadily increase.
  • Your unit takes longer than normal to heat water. Sediment makes your tankless water heater work harder than it should, which means it will run less efficiently and take longer to heat your home’s water.
  • You run out of hot water faster than normal. Since sediment reduces your unit’s flow rate, you won’t have enough hot water to supply all of the fixtures you normally run at the same time.

Even if you haven’t noticed any of the signs above, you should still get your tankless water heater flushed annually. A water heater flush is an investment that can save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year by preventing costly repairs from sediment damage.

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