The funniest toilets in the world.

10 Funniest (and Weirdest) Toilets We’ve Ever Seen

Not all bathrooms are built the same. But that’s what we love about them! While we appreciate the classic functionality of a basic toilet, we LOVE finding crazy shaped and styled toilets around the world. Our social media is full of funny, scary, and weird toilets we find. These are just ten of the funniest toilets we’ve ever seen!

10) Batman Bathroom

When nature calls with the same urgency as the bat signal, you need a toilet to save the day. Look no further than the caped crusader commode! This funny toilet is one of our favorites for flushing out crime in Gotham.

A batman toilet with the words funniest toilets.

This is the toilet Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

9) Turkey Toilet

We post all of our funny and weird toilets on our social media pages. Some people might want us to stop, but we couldn’t quit cold turkey! This toilet really does give a whole new meaning to a Turkey Bowl. Wanna know something cool about this funny toilet? It never gets clogged—it gets stuffed!

Funny toilets funny toilets funny toilets funny toilets funny toilets funny toilets funny toilets funny toilets funny toilets funny toilets.

8) Leela Loo

Check it out, meatbags! This toilet’s got a mural of Leela next to it!

A bathroom with a toilet with a cartoon character on it.

This giant painting of Leela from Futurama might be the funniest toilet paper display we’ve ever seen. This bathroom is nothing fancy, and it’s definitely not from the year 3000, but it’s a great tribute to a classic show!

7) Confusing Christmas Bathroom

At first glance, this toilet might not seem so funny. But the longer you look at the picture, the funnier it gets. It raises more questions than it answers! Why is the tree on top of the toilet? Where are all its branches? Why’s there a desk in the bathroom? Do you have to take the tree off multiple times a day, or is there a second bathroom in this house?

A toilet with a christmas tree in it.

6) Lars Ulrich Toilet

Metallica fans will be drawn to this toilet like a “Moth into Flame.” When you have a toilet this cool, “Nothing Else Matters,” right? It’s “Sad but True,” this “One” will always be one of our favorite funny toilets!

A funny toilet with a Lars Ulrich back.

5) Toilet Swing

This toilet’s funny until it’s not. If you like a challenge, this is the one for you! It’s all about the timing. We have to hope this one is a joke and not actually intended for use. Would you try this one?

A picture of a swinging toilet with the words funny toilets.

4) Giant Toilet Slide

This absurd toilet is for kids only! If an adult gets stuck, we’d have to go get the giant plunger. The thing that really takes this toilet higher up on our list is the addition of the little hats. It really makes this slide more immersive!

A picture of a giant toilet slide.

In all seriousness, this 5-meter-tall (over 16 feet tall) toilet was actually part of an exhibit in Tokyo that taught people about sewage disposal issues worldwide. Did you know about 2.5 billion people around the world don’t have access to proper sanitation?

3) Nostalgic 80s/90s Toilet

This toilet is just a good time! It takes us back to the time of slap bracelets, platform shoes, Lisa Frank, Surge, and Dunkaroos. Honestly, this toilet might look kind of funny, but we love it! We’ve had a few people tell us this toilet must’ve been inspired by Saved by the Bell. No matter where the idea came from, this colorful and goofy toilet will always be one of our favorites!

A picture of a toilet with 80s and 90s themed decorations.

2) Ski Toilet

Can you really be king or queen of the slopes without your throne? There’s SNOW denying how excited we are when the Winter Olympic Games come around. This funny toilet is perfect for getting us through the times between the Olympics. With the wild optical illusion in this bathroom, this toilet isn’t for the faint of heart. It feels like you’re practically at the top of the slopes!

A picture of a toilet on skis.

1) Kissing Toilet

This might just be the weirdest toilet we’ve ever seen. As if it’s not crazy enough on its own, the face actually moves! Once someone sits on the toilet, it activates the face, which slides closer to you as you sit, making the room smaller until it kisses your knees. We wish we were making this up!

A picture of a toilet with a giant kissing face in front of it.

We’re always on the lookout for crazy toilets! Whether they’re funny, scary, or just plain weird, we love finding all the strange bathrooms out in the world.

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