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5 Reasons You Should Buy a Bidet or Washlet

Thinking about installing a bidet but not ready to take the plunge? The bidet is becoming popular in the US, but the French have been using them since the late 1600s! Wondering about a washlet? Instead of a separate fixture (like a bidet), a washlet is a seat that replaces your existing toilet seat, but it comes with the same features and benefits as bidets.

What makes these a home necessity? Is it worth the hype, or is it just a passing fad? We’ve got five reasons why your next bathroom upgrade should include a bidet or washlet.

Washlet Installed

1. Bidets and Washlets are More Hygienic

If a bird used you as target practice, you wouldn’t just wipe it up with toilet paper (that’d be gross). Instead, you’d go wash up, right? At least, we hope you would. Why do so many people only use toilet paper when they go to the bathroom, but we use water to clean so many other things off us?

Bidets and washlets use water straight from the tap (no, not water from the toilet bowl!) to spray your behind after you go. It’s like a mini shower! You can use them to get a better clean and reduce your chances of rashes, hemorrhoids, and UTIs.

2. You’ll Save Money on Toilet Paper

The average person uses over 100 rolls of toilet paper in a year. The cost of toilet paper seems to just go up year after year. When you install a bidet or a washlet, you’ll use around 75% less toilet paper, which saves you from flushing your dollars down the toilet!

Remember the toilet paper shortage of 2020? You won’t risk running out of rolls when you’ve got a bidet!

3. Bidets and Washlets are Better for the Environment

Bidets spray water to get you clean, so you might think they use more water than if you were to just stick with toilet paper. Surprise! It actually takes around 37 gallons of water to make just ONE roll of toilet paper. The average person only uses about an eighth of a gallon each time they use their bidet. Not only does making TP require a lot of water, but it also takes 1.5 pounds of wood to create one roll. When you use a bidet, you stop cutting down trees and start cutting down costs!

4. You Can Prevent Plumbing Problems

It happens to the best of us. You go to flush the toilet and it just bubbles, water and waste rising. Clogs stink (literally).

Instead of using wads and wads of toilet paper to clean yourself off, eventually jamming up your toilet, you can spray yourself clean! This will save you from the smelly horrors of having to plunge your own mess or call a plumber for backup.

5. Bidets and Washlets Offer More Independence for People with Mobility Issues

Most people don’t think twice about having to wipe after using the toilet, but for a lot of people, wiping is a challenge. Senior citizens and people with disabilities affecting their movement can sometimes experience difficulties cleaning their backsides. Bidets can give them back a sense of independence!

Even pregnant women can begin to struggle with mobility. Bidets can make the bathroom experience easy and comfortable—what mom wouldn’t want that? And don’t worry, bidets are totally safe and sanitary for expecting mothers!

How Do Bidets and Washlets Work?

Ready to take the plunge? It can seem a bit awkward or weird for first timers, but it’s easy! Depending on the bidet or washlet, you might use a knob on the side or a remote to control the stream (temperature, strength, and angle). When you’re done, you can pat yourself dry or sit and air dry. Some bidets, such as the ones we offer, include an air dryer! Fancy, right?

Washlets work

Ready to Upgrade Your Bathroom?

So, you want a bidet. Now what? You’ve got some choices to make. Morris-Jenkins can provide you with a washlet, which turns your ordinary toilet into a bidet by replacing your seat. Because they attach to your toilet, they don’t require extra space in your bathroom like a traditional bidet, but they still provide all the same benefits. The washlets we carry spray warm water with adjustable temperature and come with a warm air dryer and heated seat!

Once you experience it yourself, you’ll wonder why you didn’t install a washlet sooner!

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