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The Child Life and Special Recognition Programs at Levine Children’s Hospital

With all the fundraising Morris-Jenkins does throughout the year for Levine Children’s Hospital, you might be curious what specifically that money is going toward. When we give our annual donation to the hospital, that money goes toward supporting the Child Life and Special Recognition programs. These programs are designed to help make a child’s hospital stay less scary and a bit more fun by providing comfort, activities, education about procedures, and even celebrations for milestones such as birthdays or finishing treatment!

Child Life Program

Morris-Jenkins Donates $175,000 to the Levine Children's Hospital
Every year, we donate to Levine Children’s Hospital to help fund the Child Life Program so children and their families can feel more comfortable during their hospital stay.

No matter how old you are, hospitals can feel scary. For children, they can be even scarier because it’s hard to understand what’s going on. That’s why Morris-Jenkins supports the Child Life program! This program helps children and their families feel comfortable during their hospitals stays by providing distractions and support.

The Child Life program uses certified Child Life specialists who focus on helping the children at Levine’s feel more comfortable. They help prepare children for procedures by explaining things at a level they can understand (sometimes using books, dolls, computers, and more). 

During the procedures themselves, the specialists help support and distract the child. They also offer play and art activities to make their stay as fun as possible!

Being a Child Life specialist is an incredibly rewarding job, but it’s not for the faint of heart. These caring and generous people have the difficult role of helping children discover ways to cope with illness, injury, and sometimes even the possibility of death. When needed, they also offer grief support.

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Special Recognition Program

Mr. Jenkins at the Levine Children's Hospital
Mr. Jenkins is passionate about LCH and has been a proud supporter for years!

Not only does Morris-Jenkins support the Child Life program, but we also fund the Special Recognition Program! During a child’s stay at Levine Children’s Hospital, they might experience different milestones, such as finishing treatment, celebrating a birthday in the hospital, or receiving a new kidney/liver/heart. These are big moments in that child’s life and should be celebrated!

Consider how scary it might be for a child to have a transplant, or to go through strange treatments. Now think about how much better that child would feel if we turned that milestone into something exciting! Morris-Jenkins believes in the importance of celebrating the wins in life, and the moments at Levine Children’s Hospital are no exception.

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Why We Donate

Even though a hospital stay is usually considered a scary experience, it doesn’t have to be all bad! Levine Children’s Hospital offers the highest quality care from the best doctors, nurses, and specialists around. Morris-Jenkins is proud to support the Child Life and Special Recognition programs to help make kids’ hospital stays more comfortable or even fun!

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