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Morris-Jenkins Donates $103,776 to Levine Children’s Hospital

Throughout 2022, Morris-Jenkins employees worked together to raise $103,776 to help families at Levine Children’s Hospital. Mr. Jenkins told me… the people at Levine Children’s Hospital are the superheroes of pediatric medicine! No one wants to have to bring their child to the hospital, but Levine Children’s Hospital is the best of the best, and it’s right in our backyard. That’s why we love raising money for the children’s hospital every year. It’s a cause we’re proud to get behind, and this year, we had a specific project planned with the hospital!

Morris-Jenkins Team Holding the Donation Check


Every year, Morris-Jenkins has raffles for our employees. The raffle prizes are donated by our vendors and other people who want to help the cause, and our employees buy raffle tickets for a dollar each. This year, we had several raffles throughout the year. During one of the raffles, we wanted to take things up a notch. Our employees had the opportunity to put raffle points toward pieing someone in the face— their bosses!

Poker Night

Morris-Jenkins Team Playing Poker

In the fall, we got a group together from work for a Morris-Jenkins poker night! Our vendors donated some prizes for the winners, as well as money toward the overall funds raised. All proceeds went toward the children’s hospital. We had 47 employees join for poker night, and everyone had a great time!

Payroll Deductions

When someone starts working at Morris-Jenkins, they quickly learn how important Levine Children’s Hospital is to us! And all employees have the option to set up a recurring payroll deduction for the children’s hospital. This means they can set how much they’d like to donate from their paycheck automatically every payday. It’s a great way to be consistent with our giving so we can always work toward making a difference!

Morris-Jenkins Loves Levine Children’s Hospital

We’re so grateful to live in a community with such an amazing children’s hospital. A lot of our employees even have firsthand experience with LCH with their own children. The staff there works hard every day to help families, and we’re proud to support them every year. This year, we raised over $100k for the children’s hospital. We can’t wait to see how we can help Levine Children’s Hospital next year!

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