A truck with a foosball table.

Morris-Jenkins Gifts Arcade Games to Levine Children’s Hospital

In 2022, Morris-Jenkins had a big arcade-themed celebration for employees. We were able to get a used Ice Ball Skee-Ball machine, an NBA Hoops basketball game (used in real arcades!), Mrs. PacMan, 4-player Pong, and foosball for our party. Our employees had a blast with these games! The basketball one was probably the most popular one. Eventually, our celebration ended, and we needed to find a new home for all these cool games. Anyone who knows Morris-Jenkins knows we LOVE the people at Levine Children’s Hospital. We thought about how much fun the kids and families at Levine’s would have with some of these games.  The children’s hospital would be the perfect home for our collection of games!

Some of our team members generously offered to drive the games over to Levine Children’s Hospital and get them installed for the kids. It was tough work (those games are HEAVY!), but we got it done. We hope these arcade games can make a hospital stay a little less scary for kids and their families.

Check out these photos we got from game donation day!

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