Two pictures of a bathroom with a toilet and a toilet seat.

8 Toilets Your Grandma Would Like

Grandma. Granny. Gran. Meemaw. Gigi. Whatever you call your grandmother, odds are, she’s got style. From carpeted bathrooms to butterflies, flowers, and doilies, grandmas sure have a way of expressing their unique taste in décor! We’re always on the lookout for unique toilets, and we found eight that your grandma would love.

1. “Smells Like Roses”

Just because something looks like roses, doesn’t mean it smells like roses.

Carpeted bathrooms used to be an actual trend! People liked that they made bathrooms feel warmer and more inviting. They also reduced your risk of slipping and falling. Thankfully, this is no longer a trend! No matter how much your grandma might cling to her rose-patterned bathroom carpet, it’s time to say goodbye to moldy floors.

Grandma Toilet Images

2. Butterflies

Most people would find it creepy if you had a toilet seat decorated with dead bugs, but it’s the sort of kitschy thing your grandma might find oddly charming. Safe to assume this grandma probably hung up a butterfly shower curtain, too!

Grandma Toilet Image

3. Knit One, Pearl Two

Odds are, if your gran-gran made this toilet seat cover, she probably gave one to you and each of your siblings for Christmas. She loves knitting and crocheting while watching Wheel of Fortune, and there are only so many scarves the poor woman can make! Kudos to her for exercising some creativity.

Word of advice, if she hasn’t already done this, don’t show her this picture. It’s inspiration she doesn’t need!

Grandma Toilet Images

4. If Photos Could Smell

What a surprise. Another carpeted bathroom. But this one is for the grandmas who like a more… minimalist look. Or at least they don’t like flowers. But here’s the thing: Bathrooms are humid. You shower in there, water evaporates from your toilet, and you might drip on the floor after a bath. Carpet in a bathroom is never a good idea! It holds onto that moisture and turns into the perfect place for mold and bacteria—neither of which smells good. Especially if your bathroom is literally 100% carpet. Sure, she might like how it looks like a patchwork quilt, but it’s time to tell Granny to ditch the bathroom carpet!

Grandma Toilet Image

5. Rhymes with Shoe

If your grandma ever feels nostalgic for the clothes from back in her time, this toilet is truly for her. From the pointy toe to the cheetah print wall, this bathroom is for the spunky grandmas who don’t act their age.

Grandma Toilet Image

6. Grandma Shark, Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo

When this grandma first heard the Baby Shark song, she wanted to get in on the fun! Now, every time her grown grandchildren come over and get up to use the bathroom, she starts singing.

Grandma Toilet Image

7. Waste Not, Want Not

Don’t be mistaken. That’s not your maw maw’s favorite nightgown; that’s her toilet cover. Once it was time to get rid of her old pajamas, she turned it into a toilet cover. After all, she’s not one to let perfectly good fabric go to waste! Besides, she wants to make sure she’s giving you a hug every time you sit down.

Grandma Toilet Image

8. Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow

Southern grandmas love cutesy Christmas decorations, and toilet seat covers are no exception. While this toilet snowman is admittedly kind of cute, we know how gross these seat covers get. And check out that functional but cute little tissue top hat!

Grandma Toilet Image

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Whenever you (or your grandma) have a wobbly toilet, clogged up drains, or leaky sink, we’re here to help. And we won’t even judge her for the crocheted toilet covers.

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