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How Morris-Jenkins Supports the Levine Children’s Hospital

Morris-Jenkins cares about family above anything else. When something happens to a local child and they get sick or hurt, we know Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) will take great care of them! Because LCH is full of people who share our love of families, we wanna support them in any way we can… so that’s exactly what we do!

Radiothon 2019

Morris-Jenkins Donates $175,000 to the Levine Children's Hospital
In 2019, Morris-Jenkins donated $175,000 to the Levine Children’s Hospital!

Every year, Morris-Jenkins hosts a radiothon at LCH, where we ask the people of Charlotte to call in and donate to help support the children. Radio stations are a big help! They send their radio show hosts to help with the event, promoting it on their shows and social media all day! In 2019, our phone bank was completely staffed by Morris-Jenkins employees, while the radio hosts helped bring in more calls. By the end of the day, we were able to donate $175,000 to the Levine Children’s Hospital! Every year, we’ve been able to raise more and more money to help these children. We also had the option for callers to become “Secret Santas,” which means they choose to donate all year long!

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Radiothon 2018

Morris-Jenkins Donates $153,625 to the Levine Children's Hospital
In 2018, Morris-Jenkins donated $153,000 to the Levine Children’s Hospital!

In 2018, with the help of some outside volunteers, we were able to raise $153,000! This year, we partnered with Beasley Media. For the first time ever, a bunch of different radio stations set up booths in the LCH lobby to help get the word out to the public that we were raising money for the kids at Levine’s!

Radiothon 2017

In 2017, we raised around $105,000! Since this was our first radiothon, word hadn’t gotten out yet to all the radio stations. Only 95.1 worked with us this year, and they set up inside the Ryan Seacrest Studio, a radio studio right inside LCH!

Ryan Seacrest Studio
In 2017, Morris-Jenkins donated $105,000 to the Levine Children’s Hospital!

Past Telethons

Super Hero Themed Celebration at the Levine Children's Hospital
In 2016, we threw a big superhero-themed celebration at Levine’s with cupcakes and a ball pit for the kids!

Unlike the radiothons, the telethons featured on-air personalities that filmed live from Levine Children’s Hospital. There were also dancers from studios that would come by and put on performances. The telethons went until midnight and were televised through WCNC.

2016 was an especially fun year for us and our partnership with Levine Children’s Hospital! For that year’s telethon, we had a big superhero-themed celebration at the hospital with superhero cookies and cupcakes, decorations, and even a ball pit for the kids to play in! Every time we reached a certain dollar amount raised for the kids,we would take a bucket of balls and pour it in a tower to measure how close we were to our big goal. While we were there, we got to work with the amazing people at LCH to create a video showing just what an incredible resource they are to our community, and in the video, the doctors wore capes to show that they truly are superheroes!

In 2015, we raised awareness for the telethon through the slogan: Give Here for Kids Here. Since LCH has been a resource for so many local families, a lot of people understood the importance of donating to help support kids that might even live in their neighborhood. So many people felt connected to the cause because it affected children in their own community!

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Hopebuilders 5k

Every year, we participate in the Hopebuilders 5k to help raise money for LCH. Sometimes, our employees will do things to make the run even more fun, like everyone wearing tutus, or making special shirts for teams. Sometimes, we even bring Truck 17 out to the run! At Hopebuilders, there are arts and crafts, food, bounce houses, mini pumpkin stations for the kids, and more. The entire event is geared toward kids!

Morris-Jenkins Team at Hopebuilders 5K
Every year, our employees participate in Hopebuilders 5k to raise money for LCH.

Change Wars

"Change War" Competition to Raise Money for the Levine Children's Hospital
In 2017, we held a “Change War” to raise money for LCH. Each department competed against others to raise the most money!

Sometimes, we like to try new ideas to help raise money for LCH. In 2017, we held a Change War for different departments at Morris-Jenkins to compete against each other to see who could raise the most money for the kids! There was a different jug for each department, and the winners were announced during our annual Christmas Breakfast. In order to win the contest, teams would put change (coins) in their department’s jug. But there was a twist! Anyone could put cash money (paper bills) in other team’s jugs to deduct points. It was a close battle, but the teams fought hard and raise a lot of money for the hospital at the same time!

Levine Children’s Hospital Phone App

The Launch of the Levine Children's Hospital App
In 2019, Morris-Jenkins funded the development of the LCH app, which provides families of patients with valuable resources during their child’s hospital stay.

Early in 2019, Morris-Jenkins funded the development of the Levine Children’s Hospital app. This is a free phone app for families at LCH, and it provides them with all kinds of valuable resources. There’s a section with information about what to expect during your child’s hospital stay, what to pack, where to find parking and hotels, what options there are for food, a list of activities and resources for the kids, and more! There’s even a game where you control Percy the Unflappable Plumber!

After the app was complete, we got to celebrate at Levine’s! It was a big moment for the hospital because they knew this would be a tool for families to find a sense of normalcy and comfort during their stay. We’re honored to have been a part of such a momentous occasion!

Weekly Deductions

Throughout the year, our employees can opt into a special program we have that can take money from their weekly paycheck and put it directly into our Levine Children’s Hospital funds. Employees who decide to participate can choose to contribute as much or as little as they’d like—every dollar makes a difference!

Supporting Levine’s Because They Support Families

Throughout the years, Morris-Jenkins has been a proud partner of Levine Children’s Hospital. From radiothons and telethons to battling it out with spare change, we love being there for the children and families of Charlotte. Because Levine Children’s Hospital supports families, we support them!

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