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Why Morris-Jenkins Supports the Levine Children’s Hospital

The Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) attracts professionals with extreme talent and big hearts! When people tell us their child is at the hospital, we ask them which one. If they tell us their little one is at Levine’s, we can breathe a sigh of relief because we know they’re getting the best care possible!

So, of all wonderful organizations to donate to, why does Morris-Jenkins partner with Levine Children’s Hospital?

Mr. Jenkins’ Experience

Mr. Jenkins with his granddaughter, Lily, and grandson, Jack.
Mr. Jenkins with his granddaughter, Lily, and grandson, Jack.

A little over a year before Levine Children’s Hospital opened, Mr. Jenkins’ daughter, Blaire, had twins. One of the twins, Jack, had to stay in the NICU at the hospital that was the predecessor to LCH. Less than a year later, in 2007, LCH opened!

In 2008, Morris-Jenkins pledged support to the children’s hospital, donating $500,000 to celebrate our 50th anniversary of being in business! Little did Mr. Jenkins know, the very next year, he would be taking his grandson to Levine Children’s Hospital for care.

In 2009, Mr. Jenkins and his wife were looking after their three-year-old grandkids for a weekend. After visiting a petting zoo, Jack caught some kind of parasite and got severely sick. Mr. Jenkins and his wife ended up having to take the twins to LCH so Jack could get some help. While they were there, no one knew who they were or that Mr. Jenkins had contributed money to the hospital, so he got to see the quality of care from the perspective of the average patient and family. After seeing how dedicated the staff is and how much they truly care about the children and their families, Mr. Jenkins knew Levine Children’s Hospital truly is the best of the best.

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Morris-Jenkins Employees Have Experience at Levine Children’s Hospital, Too!

It’s never easy when your child is sick or hurt. If you’ve ever been in that situation, you know you’d do anything to help them. That’s the same way several Morris-Jenkins employees have felt when their children needed help. Luckily, the heroes at LCH were there to save the day!

Bryan’s Story

“As a dad, you wanna be able to help your children, and I felt helpless,” Morris-Jenkins technician, Bryan, said. After his daughter had a fever and extreme weakness that wouldn’t go away, he finally took her to Levine’s for help. “In literally a 24-hour turnaround, she was better. They made us feel comfortable. It was a terrific experience.”

Bryan - Morris-Jenkins Service Technician
Bryan, one of our technicians, brought his daughter to Levine Children’s Hospital when she had a fever that wouldn’t go away.

Jordan’s Story

Morris-Jenkins Team with Family
Jordan, another Morris-Jenkins tech, brought his son to LCH when he was struggling to breathe. The staff at LCH was super helpful and comforting to his whole family!

Another Morris-Jenkins technician, Jordan, says when his son was born with difficulty breathing and heart trouble, “it was probably the most scared I’ve ever been.” Jordan and his family lived outside county lines, but they knew LCH was the best place for their son, so while their son was undergoing cold therapy, they were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. While their son was down at LCH, Jordan and his wife were understandably nervous and called the hospital often to check on their little boy. “We even called a couple times at three o’clock in the morning to check on him,” Jordan said, “and the nurses never got upset.”

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Allen’s Story

Morris-Jenkins Team Member at the Levine Children's Hospital
Morris-Jenkins Sales Director, Allen, brought his son to LCH after a dirt bike accident.

“The facility was great, the doctors were amazing, the nurses were with us around the clock,” Sales Director, Allen, said. After his son experienced complications from a dirt bike accident, Allen brought his son to Levine Children’s Hospital to see a specialist, who determined he needed one of his kidneys removed. “My favorite part was the dogs that were there,” Allen’s son said, thinking back on the therapy dogs brought in to visit the children.

The Best Place to Grow Up

The Carolinas are the BEST place in the world to grow up. We’re so fortunate to have Levine Children’s Hospital right in our backyard! When families need help for their children, they don’t have to go far for help, and they can have peace of mind knowing their child is going to be treated by the best doctors, nurses, and specialists around. Morris-Jenkins supports LCH because LCH supports our children!

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