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Morris-Jenkins Loves Levine Children’s Hospital

When there are so many wonderful organizations out there to donate to, how do you pick just one? As much as we wish we could help everyone, Morris-Jenkins has always focused its efforts on our local children’s hospital: the Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH). Throughout the year, Morris-Jenkins employees work together to raise money to benefit the children at LCH.

Why We Partner with LCH

Morris-Jenkins Donation to the Levine Children's Hospital
Every year, we support Levine Children’s Hospital with an annual radiothon!

Levine Children’s Hospital attracts the absolute top talent. They have the best doctors in the world, and specialists in all kinds of fields. In other words, the people at LCH are the superheroes of pediatric medicine. We have the best of the best right here in our backyard, so when our children need care, families don’t have to travel somewhere else. Instead, they get the highest level of care and expertise right here in the Carolinas! In fact, Mr. Jenkins himself has experienced the excellent care firsthand when he brought his grandson to LCH.The Carolinas are the absolute BEST place in the world to grow up, and Levine Children’s Hospital is one of the reasons. By supporting LCH, we’re protecting the future of our children.

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What Our Money Goes Toward

Hospitals can be a scary place, especially to children. Donations through Morris-Jenkins support the Child Life program, which helps children and their families feel comfortable and safe by providing distraction and support during procedures and throughout the hospital stay.

Morris-Jenkins also funds the Special Recognition Program. When a patient finishes treatment, receives a new kidney/liver/heart, celebrates a birthday during hospitalization, or has any other milestone, this program helps them celebrate because Morris-Jenkins believes in the importance of celebrating the wins in life!

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What We Do to Raise Money

Throughout the year, the Morris-Jenkins team works hard to raise money for the children at Levine Children’s Hospital. Employees have the option to have money deducted from their weekly paychecks to donate directly to LCH throughout the year. In December, the people of Morris-Jenkins also participate in a Christmas raffle and an annual radiothon!

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Christmas Breakfast Raffle

Christmas Breakfast Raffle

As it gets closer to Christmas, businesses in the greater Charlotte area donate prizes to Morris-Jenkins for the Christmas raffle. Our employees can buy tickets for any of the raffle prizes they want. Prizes range from TVs and Bluetooth speakers to tickets for local events and Panthers games. The raffle stays open for several weeks so everyone has an opportunity to buy tickets for any and all of the prizes they want.

Every year, Morris-Jenkins holds a huge Christmas breakfast for all our employees to get together over yummy food while wearing ugly Christmas sweaters (or sometimes Christmas costumes!). At the end of breakfast, the raffle winners are announced. It’s always an exciting day in the office! Over the course of just a couple weeks, Morris-Jenkins raises a ton of money through the raffle alone!

Annual Radiothon

Every December, Morris-Jenkins employees volunteer to host a radiothon at the Levine Children’s Hospital. At the radiothon, local radio show hosts talk about the fundraiser and the great things the hospital does to help children and their families in their times of need. Morris-Jenkins staff gets together in a phone bank at the hospital, where they spend the day answering calls from people who wanna donate to the cause! Some of the donors even sign up to be “Secret Santas,” which means they donate money all year long to the cause!

Carolina Heroes

Morris-Jenkins is proud to support LCH in all of the things they do for families. A lot of our employees and customers are parents or grandparents, and when you have to bring a child to the hospital, it can feel scary for both you and the little one. As much as no one wants to bring their child to a hospital, it’s such a relief to have an incredible resource like Levine Children’s Hospital to take care of our children!

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