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What Are Our Priority Advantage® Members Doing at Home?

From going to work, picking up the kids, running to the store, visiting the gym, and making dinner, you keep busy! But with the state on “Stay at Home” orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been forced to slow down, and most peoples’ busy schedules have come to a halt. What do you do with all this extra time? We polled our Priority Advantage® Members to see how they’re passing the time!

Socializing & Social Distancing

Even though we have to social distance, it doesn’t mean we can’t still be social! Modern technology allows for some great alternatives while we stay safe at home. Need some inspiration? Here are some ways our Priority Advantage® Members have found to keep in touch with others:

  • Friday Zoom cocktail toasts with co-workers
  • Leading Zoom meetings with church elders
  • Trying to contact as many high school classmates as possible (this Priority Advantage® Member graduated in 1960!)

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How have you managed to keep in touch with others?

Family First

Whether you’re fortunate enough to be with family during these times, or if distance is keeping you separated, there are always ways to focus on your family! Our Priority Advantage® Members have come up with some truly fun and heart-felt activities:

  • Stay at home and research family genealogy
  • In-home scavenger hunts
  • Create a scrapbook of family photos and memories
  • Video record reading a book to grandchildren who live far away
  • Make quilts. One of our members is making her first quilt ever for her daughter’s expected twins!
  • Another one of our members has been typing their parents’ WWII letters to bind for their family to read!
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Have you picked up any new hobbies during quarantine?

Making the Community Better

When crisis strikes a community, some people show how big their hearts are! Our Priority Advantage® Members are some of the most inspirational people in the Carolinas! Check out the incredible things they’ve done to make a difference in their communities:

  • Cooking at home and taking plates to some shut-ins
  • Sewing masks for hospital staff
  • Working with the community to set up food truck nights to support local small businesses
  • Sending Easter cards to church members to let them know they’re being prayed for and are loved
  • Returning neighbors’ garbage pails to their driveways after pick up
  • Donating gas savings to a fund to support coworkers
  • Crocheting afghans for people in hospice care, as well as hats for cancer patients and preemies
  • One of our Priority Advantage® Members is a nurse who drew a smiley face on their mask to help patients smile!

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Have you done anything to help the community during quarantine?

Sparking a Smile

Sometimes, it’s just a breath of fresh air to have a moment without outside commitments! For many people, now has been a great time to reconnect with themselves and their passions by:

  • Writing a book
  • Camping in an RV at home, even with a campfire
  • Planting an herb garden in a shoe rack
  • Watching old movies and past NCAA games
  • Fostering a dog
  • Listening to Disney songs on Pandora
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Have you reconnected with yourself or your passions??

Stay Safe!

In a time when things are so uncertain, it can be easy to get a bit anxious. If you’re able, stay home and take the time to enjoy the little things. Whether you’re busy working from home, spending time with your kids, or simply catching up on your favorite show on Netflix, your family at Morris-Jenkins wants you to stay safe!

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