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Ready to start your career?

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Become an Entry Level Plumber

NO Experience Required!

Morris-Jenkins offers a rare opportunity to get paid to learn a trade that will build a lasting career!

Fill out your application for the Build-a-Plumber Program HERE!

Our Build-a-Plumber Program has become so popular that each time we begin hiring for a new class, we get hundreds of applicants! But space in this program is extremely limited, and you don’t wanna miss out on this opportunity. Apply early!

Morris-Jenkins is a Top Workplace

Morris-Jenkins is proud to say we’ve been recognized as a Top Workplace in the USA in 2021! We’ve also been honored with the Charlotte Observer’s Top Workplace award in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020.


We wanna make the workplace somewhere you want to be. By providing ongoing support for employees of all experience levels, to taking the time to have fun together with big company breakfasts and other celebrations, Morris-Jenkins is a top workplace for a reason! You won’t find an opportunity like this anywhere else. Apply now to join one of the best workplaces in the USA!

Sure, you can apply for entry level plumbing jobs at any ole’ company, but why do that when you could join one of the top workplaces in the US?

About our Build-a-Plumber Program

The Morris-Jenkins Build-a-Plumber Program is an 8 week paid training course. It includes class room training, hands-on equipment lab training and in-the-field training. After completion of this course you will possess the skills and knowledge that it takes to begin a rewarding career in residential plumbing.

What does it take to succeed as a residential plumber?

When you join Build-a-Plumber, you’ll get to practice your new skills during all kinds of fun classroom activities!

No prior experience in plumbing is required, we are looking for mechanically inclined people who are excited about learning and enjoy interacting with customers! The best plumbers spend their days talking with customers, understanding their problems and concerns, and feeling a sense of accomplishment when they are able to resolve those issues.

No matter your background, if you have the motivation to learn a trade and help people daily, this is the program for you. We hire and train ANYONE that upholds the values of honesty, integrity and fairness for everyone.

Why Morris-Jenkins?

Morris-Jenkins is the Charlotte area’s premier provider of residential heating, air conditioning & plumbing services. We have been in business since 1958 and continue to grow and thrive. We are committed to providing our customers with world class service and our members with top pay, growth opportunities, unparalleled support, continual training and a great place to work. Our top technicians are earning over $100,000 a year!

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Still Not Sure If You Wanna Apply?

Career changes can be intimidating. We get it! That’s why we talked to some of our recent Build-a-Plumber graduates about their experiences in the program. They told us some of their favorite memories from class, why they decided to apply, what the day-to-day was like, and more. To read what they had to say, click here!