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Do You NEED Routine Maintenance on Your HVAC System?


Heating and cooling systems that have seasonal maintenance live longer and have fewer breakdowns than ones that don’t.

People who have their maintenance completed twice a year by Morris-Jenkins report 95% fewer breakdowns and up to a 30% decrease in their energy bills.

You bring your car in for regular maintenance. You go to the doctor and dentist to make sure you’re staying healthy. Why not do the same for your air conditioner and furnace? Your HVAC system was an investment in your home and your comfort. It only makes sense to wanna take care of that investment so it serves your family well for years to come! Plus, when you schedule seasonal maintenance with Morris-Jenkins, it couldn’t possibly be any easier. You can call us, text us, or schedule online (and you’ll always reach a REAL person, not a robot!).

The average HVAC system lifespan is around 12-15 years. Without maintenance, it may not even live that long (or it might need a lot of repairs over those 12-15 years). Seasonal maintenance (once a year for air conditioner maintenance and once a year for furnace maintenance) will keep it happy and healthy for much longer!

Do You NEED Air Conditioner Maintenance Every Year?

There are some electronic elements in your air conditioner that can often come loose over time. During a Check’n’Wash with Morris-Jenkins, we’ll check these connections to make sure everything is looking good. We’ll also check your Freon (also called refrigerant). If you’re low on refrigerant, it means there’s a leak! ACs don’t “use up” Freon. A lot of other air conditioning repair companies will see your low Freon and just tell you it needs to be topped off. They don’t get to the root of the problem! And when your AC breaks down again (because it will if you have a leak), you’ll just keep calling them back for more refrigerant. That’s not how we roll! Our professional air conditioning technicians will let you know if you have a Freon leak so we can get it fixed before your AC breaks down.

Air conditioner maintenance is commonly scheduled in the spring.

Not only will we check your air conditioner to make sure it’s ready for the hottest summer days, but we’ll give it a good cleaning, too! Outdoor ACs can collect leaves, fur, and other debris over time. This covers up your unit and makes it hard for it to breathe. We’ll get all that gunk off so it can do its job better, saving you money and keeping you cool!

Do You NEED Furnace Maintenance Every Year?

Your furnace is a controlled fire burning in your home. Furnace maintenance (Safety Checks) makes sure that fire stays controlled. There are a lot of safety features that work together in your furnace to keep your heating system working well. And the fire isn’t even the only danger! Furnaces produce carbon

monoxide—a deadly gas that you can’t see, taste, or smell. Normally, your heating unit will send that carbon monoxide away from your family and outside your home. But if things are wearing out in your furnace, it could introduce this gas into your family’s air.

Furnace maintenance is commonly scheduled in the fall.

When one of our heating professionals comes out to your home, they’ll look at all the safety features of your furnace (plus the heat exchanger) to make sure your family will stay cozy and safe all winter long.

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