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5 Times Morris-Jenkins Restored My Faith in Humanity

All it takes is a simple act of kindness to make the world a little brighter! At Morris-Jenkins, we hear stories all the time about the amazing acts of kindness our employees are doing out in the world. Here are 5 times Morris-Jenkins employees truly restored our faith in humanity.

1. The Best Coffee

It’s easy to lose faith in humanity when you see so many people turn a blind eye to the homeless. When a Morris-Jenkins plumber saw a shivering homeless man outside a gas station, she took her Morris-Jenkins blanket from her van and gave it to the man. To take it a step further, she even went inside to buy him a hot cup of coffee. Instead of telling anyone about her good deed, we actually heard about the story from a witness. Not only was the plumber generous in her actions, but she was even humble about it!

2. The Time Furry Friends Met a Technician

nick next to a water heater
Nick the technician

During a routine maintenance appointment, a customer warned Nick the technician about a raccoon living in his crawlspace. Nick felt uneasy about it, since raccoons are known for carrying diseases, but at least he knew to be on the lookout. While in the crawlspace, he heard something crawling around, so he turned his flashlight to the source. Light glinted off several pairs of eyes.

In order to get a better look, Nick took out his phone and zoomed in on the eyes with the camera. It wasn’t a raccoon at all! Turns out, the customer’s crawlspace was full of kittens! Relieved, Nick continued to do the maintenance while kittens crawled all over him. After the appointment finished, Nick and the customer worked together to take the kittens and their mother out of the crawlspace, and the two of them found loving homes for them all!

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3. Phone Rescue

Lisa taking a selfie
Lisa the technician

While working on a Priority Advantage® Member’s maintenance, another Priority Advantage® Member approached Lisa, the technician. A stray dog attacked the member’s pet dog while they were on a walk, and in all the commotion, he dropped his phone down a storm drain. His leg was bandaged up from a recent surgery, and he was clearly shaken. He was so relieved to see a Morris-Jenkins technician!“You guys are always there!” the man said, his eyes hopeful. “You’re the best!”

Many people would just apologize, wish him luck, and go on with their day. Not Lisa.

Lisa checked with her current appointment to make sure there was no rush to finish the job. The lady was incredibly understanding and wasn’t in a hurry, so Lisa ran back outside to the man and his dog.

Despite the extremely hot weather, Lisa wanted to help. She constructed a makeshift tool out of PVC pipe and duct tape to try to scrape the phone out. She was sweating profusely, and when the phone almost fell down the pipework (where it would be forever lost), she felt her heart stop. Instead of trying to move the phone more, she paused and called Randy from the Morris-Jenkins office for backup.

Randy gave Lisa some possible solutions, but then he decided to call someone from the plumbing department who would be better able to help.

Lisa the technicianThe plumber, Jay, could have just told Lisa some more ideas, but instead, he drove out to meet her and the man. When he arrived, he pulled some tools out of his van and walked straight to the grate.

After a bit of sawing, he removed the grate. Jay lowered himself into the drain and retrieved the phone!

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4. “The Angel”

When Cheyenne, a Morris-Jenkins HVAC Installer, witnessed a motorcycle accident, he pulled over and waited with the motorcyclist until the EMS, police, fire department, and the man’s fiancée showed up to make sure he would be okay.

Some time after the accident, the motorcyclist’s fiancée left a review on the Morris-Jenkins Facebook page, letting us know about Cheyenne’s good deed:

Well it took 40 years but I finally had a motorcycle slap me on the ground hard enough to break stuff, astonished emoji. On that note I have to take this time out to thank all the people who help scraped me off the road this afternoon. Special thanks to Lennox Mclaren, Roland N, Leah Shanks, and Landon Mclaren for taking the time out to clean up my mess. What they did took a lot of work trust me. Now, let me move on to union county medics - especially Ralph who helped me calm down and keep my attention else where. You were a huge help for me because my anxiety and emotions and anger take over when i'm doped up. Waxhaw PD, awesome guys. And some guys from Morris Jenkins that helped me and stayed until he was made to leave. Freaking amazing people y'all are. I'm hurt pretty bad, but if anybody has seen me ride you know this was very minor compared to what could have happened.

“Today, my fiancé had a motorcycle accident near New Town Elementary in Waxhaw… The Morris-Jenkins van stopped. Made sure our bike & my precious Ziggy did not get hit in traffic. I know this isn’t a review on your service. But I just want to thank this man so much.  I’m an ER nurse and this was amazing for someone to do. He stayed until EMS, police, fire dept, me, everyone showed up. Thank u for being our angel.”

5. $20 Tumbleweed

mark flexing
Marc the technician

Have you ever lost your wallet?

It’s a horrible feeling, not knowing where your driver’s license, debit cards, and cash could be. Can you imagine the relief when your wallet is returned to you without anything missing?

Morris-Jenkins technician, Marc, saw a $20 bill rolling across the road like a tumbleweed. He stopped the truck and picked up the bill. Then, he saw another. And another. It was like a moment straight from TV! Eventually, the money trail led to a wallet with someone’s ID. Marc put all the $20 bills back in the wallet and used the address on the ID to find the owner. He returned the wallet to its owner, who thanked Marc for his good deed. Everything in the wallet was accounted for, and the man was stunned that someone would go out of their way to return a wallet. He was so grateful, in fact, that he called the Morris-Jenkins office to tell them what an outstanding employee Marc is!

Good People Do Exist

Even in the darkest times, there are people looking out for each other. If you see someone in need today, no matter how small the situation may seem, see what a difference you can make by helping out! You never know what impact it could have.

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