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When Should I Buy a New AC Unit?

Cars, filters, carpet, even clothes—there are some things people naturally know need to be replaced over time.

When was the last time you installed a new air conditioner?

Are you ready for the heat? The sun beating down on your car’s steering wheel, making it hot to the touch. Humidity so high that the sweat never dries from your back. You can practically see the heat radiating off the pavement.

Is your air conditioner ready for the heat?

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Your AC works hard for your family, and sometimes it needs a little love and attention in return. A properly maintained unit will last longer and will run more efficiently—saving you money in the long run. However, every AC unit will eventually reach the end of its life. How do you know when the time has come?

It might be time to replace your AC if:

1) Your unit is 12 years old or older.

The life expectancy of your AC unit is 10-12 years, though it isn’t uncommon for them to last between 7-8 years. If your unit has reached 12 years of age, it’s time to consider installing a new air conditioner to ensure maximum efficiency. An older unit is far more likely to have serious problems, especially once we approach the summer’s extreme heat and high humidity. You don’t want to risk your AC going out when summer is in full swing.

2) Your energy costs are getting higher.

If your energy bill seems higher than ever, it might be time to consider installing a new air conditioner. If nothing else, at least have a trustworthy technician inspect your unit in case something can be done to optimize it.

Sometimes, contractors will install an improperly sized unit in someone’s home, which can result in high energy bills. Quite simply—your AC can’t keep up or it’s shutting off so quickly that it isn’t removing humidity.

3) Your home is too humid.

Did you know your AC collects one gallon of water each hour that it’s running?

The number one job of an AC unit is humidity control. It is much easier to cool air when humidity levels are kept in check. If your AC isn’t properly removing humidity from your home, it might be time to replace it.

4) Your house doesn’t seem to get cool enough in the summer.

Even if your unit is young, it may not be the right size for your house. If this is the case, your unit will never have a chance at keeping up with climbing temperatures, and it would be best to replace the unit.

Sometimes, your unit is simply too dirty. A dirty unit won’t cool your house well. If you haven’t been replacing your filters, the unit in your house can grow dirty. In the indoor unit, there is a piece called a blower. The blower resembles a hamster wheel—it has spinning blades, and these blades push air through your house.

When you swim, have you ever noticed a difference in how much faster you swim when your hands are cupped? When your palms and fingers are flat, you swim much slower, don’t you?

The blades inside the blower are just like your hands when you swim. They’re curved to push air faster, but if you don’t replace your filters, debris can collect in the blower, reducing the curve of the blades. When this happens, the airflow of your system is reduced, and this can cause tremendous problems with heating and cooling. Regular maintenance ensures that your unit won’t get too dirty and slow, and a technician can verify if your blower is the proper size for your AC.

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The outside unit collects dirt and dust (much like a vacuum bag) all summer long. This debris acts like a thick winter coat on your unit that keeps it from cooling. Morris-Jenkins offers a “Check’n’Wash” that includes a thorough cleaning of your outdoor unit to remove this coat, allowing your unit to breathe!

5) Your unit hasn’t been maintained. People often don’t know their AC is broken until hot weather hits.

Did you know that your AC unit will only keep your house about 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature?

If your unit is working and it’s 85 degrees out, your house should get down to 65.

95 degrees outside, your unit should go to 75.

During milder weather, you won’t need that 20 degree difference. If it’s 70 out, you likely aren’t turning your AC down to 50 degrees, so the temperature difference is far smaller. Because of this, your AC doesn’t have to run full-blast until the hot weather hits, and you may not realize that it isn’t capable of working at full-power until it’s too late.

You might not know your AC is broken! Before the heat of a Carolina summer hits, schedule an appointment with a technician to inspect your unit. Technicians are trained to detect problems proactively, so by scheduling regular maintenance, you can ensure your AC will run smoothly when the summer heat rolls in!

If you’re considering installing a new air conditioner, it’s best to do it earlier in the season.
When was the last time you went shoe shopping? Have you ever seen a great pair of shoes, only to find that they seem to be available in every size except your own?

HVAC supply houses have far more products available early in the season, but they’re always careful not to over purchase. Just like shoe stores, sometimes they run out of the more popular sizes/styles. If you wait until later in the season to buy a new unit, it may have to be special ordered and it can take longer to arrive. Time spent waiting for your new unit is time spent with a broken AC. Don’t wait!

Regular maintenance can reduce breakdowns by as much as 95% and can lower utility bills by 30%.
No one wants to think about their AC breaking during the summer! If you’re looking to get as much life out of your unit as possible, consider becoming a Priority Advantage® Member. Our members get two maintenance checks per year to ensure their units are in the best shape possible.

The heat is coming.

Will you be ready?

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